The goal: More added value in less time


Agile enterprises want more added value in less time while minimizing risk. The main goal is to add lasting value rather than maximising value in the short term. This increased value triggers an upwards spiral of success: Enterprises can decrease their cost, increase profits and get a faster return on investment through employees who are more motivated and productive because they enjoy their work. Motivated employees also create better products which in turn will impress customers. Excited customers and employees will be most active at promoting the agile enterprise which will result in further improvement and success for the company.

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Accelerated change and a stronger competition

Change is a daily challenge we have to face. The transition from a linear change over long time periods towards an exponential change in short time periods is what can overwhelm us. This intensifies competition and increases the complexity of product ranges, business processes and organisations to new magnitudes.

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No success despite excellent planning

The main reason is that these challenges are not complicated and projectable, but complex and thus not projectable. This complexity can lead us to misjudge symptoms and causes, which can make projects and businesses fail.

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Tackle the cause, not the symptom

Typical symptoms are long meetings, emails, reports, wasted time on decision making and makeshift solutions. These remain despite the use of latest technology, resources and countless attempts to reorganise. We show the causes and demonstrate how to tackle them in order to eliminate them.