4. August 2017

Accelerate your product development!

We first tackled Cost of Delay on our blog last September. This factor enables you to calculate how much delaying a product’s market entry costs per […]
24. May 2017

From business model to product and from product to business model

Lean Innovation and Design Thinking are currently hot topics. Both frameworks produce the same results – it’s only the methods that differ. Design Thinking – what […]
6. September 2016

Cost of Delay – the key factor in choosing projects

Every company has experienced this issue: you have hundreds of projects to tackle and all of them seem equally important. The question of how to proceed […]
1. June 2016

Agile Product Development and Lean Innovation – the power lies in the combination

When a new product is being developed, it is difficult to eliminate all uncertainty in advance. Part of the requirements and potential obstacles are still unclear. […]
12. January 2015

Interlocking the WHAT with the HOW

Examples like AirBnB are a showcase of how new enterprises that appear out of nowhere can stir up a market: After only four years it is […]
15. October 2014

How do I measure the progress of innovations

Most innovations fail because they don’t solve a clients issue or because that issue is not important enough for a client to spend money on. Once […]
16. May 2014

How to escape the laws of failure?

To secretly develop a new product and confront the customers with it is water under the bridge. Thus, 9 out of 10 are doomed to failure. […]

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