10. August 2018

Studies show that agile companies are more successful

Many of our blog posts have already dealt with agile methods and their success in business. For this reason, we want to look today at research […]
27. July 2018

Handing over responsibility is not easy

The benefits of an agile organisation are clear: increased flexibility and the ability to respond more rapidly make it easier for agile companies to adapt to […]
25. July 2018

How does Dätwyler’s competence centre increase agility in a long-established company?

It is particularly interesting to see agile transformations take place in companies with a long tradition. In a previous blog post, we reported on an agile […]
16. March 2018

Top-down is the opposite of agile

We understand the term ‘scaled agility’ to mean that every level of a company is operating in an agile manner. In operative areas, cross-functional teams self-organise […]
29. December 2017

Knowledge sharing – or what agile management has to do with Christmas

It’s almost Christmas – a celebration of love, gifts and sharing. Have you already found presents for all your friends and family? Or are you still caught up in the festive hustle and bustle? Material gifts may be nice to get, but what’s really unforgettable is the time you spend with family and friends, as well as the joyful atmosphere.
14. September 2017

Why digitalisation requires an agile organisation

Digital service such as those offered by Netflix and Spotify are now an integral part of our daily lives. And we also expect digital products from […]
15. March 2017

Change your conditions, not your people

A company’s culture is the product of its management system. Employees generally behave as the system dictates. Most companies use a traditional reward and punishment system […]
17. January 2017

Day-to-day appreciation suits us better than Merit Money

We place great importance on transparency. We value openness, courage and team spirit, and treat each other as equals. This also means that we expect our employees […]
27. June 2016

How to measure innovations using the right metrics

In his latest book Scaling Lean, innovation expert Ash Maurya explains why we should abandon traditional metrics in favour of ones that are more suitable for […]

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