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How an agile mindset accelerates growth

The money and capital market platform Loanboox demonstrates how an agile mindset can promote corporate growth: after just 18 months, the company hit CHF 10 billion in requested credit volume. Founder Stefan Mühlemann’s idea of connecting public sector borrowers directly with institutional investors came at exactly the right time.Cost-efficient, transparent and straightforward While working as a consultant for...

21 Jun 2018 by Mischa Ramseyer

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How do we resolve conflicts as a self-organised team?

Our company has a competence hierarchy, rather than a power hierarchy: whoever has most expertise on a specific topic can decide the course of action, for which the relevant team members must be consulted. In self-organised teams, however, there is a second major challenge alongside decision-making: conflict resolution.
First, resolve conflicts within yourself

05 Jul 2017 by Mischa Ramseyer

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Lateral thinking on Lake Constance

In April, I was invited to the sold-out Grenzdenken 2017 conference to give an account of my quest for the perfect company with pragmatic solutions gmbh. So I asked myself, 'How do modern companies in the 21st century prepare themselves for the future?' I told the audience about my very personal journey over the...

12 May 2017 by Mischa Ramseyer

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Decision making in an agile team – There is no right or wrong

In our last blog post, we examined decision making in an agile team. Here’s what we found: decisions have to be taken, even in agile teams. And, of course, people don't always agree with each other.I suggested consultative individual decisions as a potential solution. In practice, this means that a team member is chosen...

05 May 2017 by Mischa Ramseyer

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Decision-making in an agile team – Who decides?

As agile coaches, we feel it is especially important to live out agile values ourselves. Anyone who knows us knows that we are committed to the agile mindset. We derive our principles from our values, which means that we face a continual succession of new challenges. There is one in particular that I would like...

28 Apr 2017 by Mischa Ramseyer

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Standing room only at Agile Breakfast in Zurich

Interest in agile transformation skyrockets! Stefano Trentini and I were pleased to find ourselves amongst a thronging crowd at the SwissICT Agile Breakfast that took place on 1 March 2017 in Zurich. Around 20 people usually show up for the Agile Breakfast events, which are held regularly in Zurich. This time, though, there...

26 Apr 2017 by Mischa Ramseyer

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Lived cultural change – the heart of agile transformation

Our experience shows that agile methods are the best way to future-proof your business. The bigger and more traditional a company is, the more difficult it appears to be to make the jump to an agile way of working. Our collaboration with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has once again proved that it’s possible.Why agile? Traditional...

23 Nov 2016 by Mischa Ramseyer

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Agility in September

In September there were three different events focused on "Agile" in Switzerland. We were delighted to attend the Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference as a silver sponsor. This year, experts cast a critical eye on the present and future of agile leadership and discussed new solutions and approaches. One workshop - facilitated...

28 Oct 2016 by Mischa Ramseyer

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