21. June 2018

How an agile mindset accelerates growth

The money and capital market platform Loanboox demonstrates how an agile mindset can promote corporate growth: after just 18 months, the company hit CHF 10 billion in requested credit volume. […]
30. August 2017

The eternal struggle between IMPORTANT and URGENT

To function as a self-organising business, you need to consider a range of issues: how do we organise ourselves, how do we replace monitoring with transparency, […]
5. July 2017

How do we resolve conflicts as a self-organised team?

Our company has a competence hierarchy, rather than a power hierarchy: whoever has most expertise on a specific topic can decide the course of action, for which the relevant team members must be consulted. In self-organised teams, however, there is a second major challenge alongside decision-making: conflict resolution. First, resolve conflicts within yourself
12. May 2017

Lateral thinking on Lake Constance

In April, I was invited to the sold-out Grenzdenken 2017 conference to give an account of my quest for the perfect company with pragmatic solutions gmbh. […]
5. May 2017

Decision making in an agile team – There is no right or wrong

In our last blog post, we examined decision making in an agile team. Here’s what we found: decisions have to be taken, even in agile teams. […]
28. April 2017

Decision-making in an agile team – Who decides?

As agile coaches, we feel it is especially important to live out agile values ourselves. Anyone who knows us knows that we are committed to the […]
26. April 2017

Standing room only at Agile Breakfast in Zurich

Interest in agile transformation skyrockets! Stefano Trentini and I were pleased to find ourselves amongst a thronging crowd at the SwissICT Agile Breakfast that took place […]
23. November 2016

Lived cultural change – the heart of agile transformation

Our experience shows that agile methods are the best way to future-proof your business. The bigger and more traditional a company is, the more difficult it […]
28. October 2016

Agility in September

In September there were three different events focused on “Agile” in Switzerland. We were delighted to attend the Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference as a silver […]

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