19. April 2019

Six success factors for a healthy organisation

Die gesunde Organisation ist ein ganzheitliches Konzept. Jeder kann aktiv mitentscheiden, Einfluss nehmen, und die Potenziale aller Mitarbeitenden werden berücksichtigt. Dies steigert die Motivation und das Engagement jedes Einzelnen.
2. April 2019

Shift up a gear – exclusive Shiftup Innovation workshop!

Do small startups require different strategies to long-established companies? How can companies define strategies while remaining flexible? In his latest book Startup, Scaleup, Screwup, Jurgen Appelo […]
11. February 2019

Success thanks to a healthy organisation

Every system needs stability – and a company is a system aiming for exactly this stability. It keeps the organisation balanced between the various strategic directions […]
15. December 2016

Companies need more individual responsibility!

We celebrated our 10th birthday on November 14! Time has flown by thanks to all the exciting projects with our customers. We wouldn’t be where we […]