Challenges in the change to Management 3.0

Challenges in the change to Management 3.0

Peter Stampfli from CSS insurance Switzerland tells us in an interview with Louise Brace (read the full interview here) about challenges and useful tools when implementing Management 3.0 to an established firm.

Peter has had experience with running agile projects or programs previously, but implementing Management 3.0 concepts in a real-life line-organisation of software engineering teams “is a very different thing”. He realised through the Management 3.0 course he initially took looking for answers to his concrete problems, that it is much more about the philosophy of a new leadership model.

During the first phase of the agile transformation at CSS he focused mainly on the process, which was the easy part according to him. The difficult part was transforming the culture as the main lever for change. He needed tools to help manage the change, which he found in Workout. Peter decided to apply tools such as the Delegation Board to foster the self organisation of teams, apply the agile-goals-process to focus on the contribution of individuals to the strategic objective or apply Ship-it days to foster the innovation culture.

According to Peter, the main challenges they faced in the transformation were the fact that all of it was “pretty revolutionary stuff” to the company and needed to be pitched to senior management and the nature of the business with its constraints and rules of corporate governance. His solution was to implement a sounding board, that acts like a change advisory board, to provide feedback about the change process and allow for adjustments.

Peter states, that through the implementation of Management 3.0 with the use of the tools in Management 3.0 Workout CSS was able to increase customer satisfaction by 49% and system stability by 57%. But the change is far from complete and Peter is working on applying Agile Engineering Practices, improving the culture and soft skills of team members inspired by Feedback-Wraps and on Agile Alignment to further embed agile within the company.

Interview with Peter Stampfli at CSS Insurance

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