Don’t let anyone steal your business!

Don’t let anyone steal your business!

In June, Mischa and I will be talking about agile change management at the 5th International Coaching Congress in Olten, which runs from 12 to 13 June 2018 and is themed around ‘Organisation, Digitalisation and Design’. This is a very exciting and extremely relevant topic!

Increasing digitalisation requires fundamental changes to organisations. Agile working methods support companies in preparing themselves for these changes – after all, large companies often require two to three years to bring a new product or service to market. But so much can change in two years!

Using the example of SBB, Mischa will demonstrate a different way of going about things. Train travel may not have changed, but the complexity of the business and its new technologies certainly have. The competition is wasting no time, and other mobility service providers are capturing the market. SBB introduced agile working methods early on, particularly in its IT department. It began a transformation programme in 2015 and underwent a change in company culture. And its success has been captivating! SBB still stands by the values of punctuality, safety, stability and perfectionism, which are all important for the public transport sector. But they’re not conducive to quickly and flexibly adapting to market conditions. That’s why the path to an agile culture is so important! SBB is continuing to work on agile leadership, and mixed teams from a range of departments, including IT, are now implementing agile projects together.

Of course, this kind of transformation takes years, but SBB has already been able to demonstrate results: within four months, it had introduced a new electromobility range. Previously, this would have taken the company two years. Without agile working methods, it would never have been possible for SBB to get from the idea to the implementation so quickly.

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