Handing over responsibility is not easy

Handing over responsibility is not easy

The benefits of an agile organisation are clear: increased flexibility and the ability to respond more rapidly make it easier for agile companies to adapt to constantly changing market situations. In a previous blog post, we discussed how leaders can act as role models – based on our experience, the importance of such role models for a sustainable change within a company should not be underestimated. Having management with a high degree of credibility will ensure that a change in culture can be made throughout the organisation.

Decisions within teams

It goes without saying that it is important for a company to remain adaptable and quick to respond to trends, yet many managers find this too much to ask. It’s not easy to give more autonomy and responsibility to employees. Making decisions is a management task, but decisions now have to be made as a team. A shift in learning culture is needed: we need to shorten decision-making cycles and reduce the fear of making mistakes. What’s more, we are faced with the issue of how teams handle differences of opinion, because decisions will not always be unanimous, of course.

The benefits outweigh any drawbacks

A new way of thinking pays off! Numerous case studies demonstrate that agility works even in very traditional companies. It just takes some time for both managers and employees to get ready for this new approach and a new corporate culture.

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