Network turned company – We are hiring

Network turned company – We are hiring

pragmatic solutions is reorienting at the beginning of 2016 after almost 10 years of successful operation. As per our vision "we are the leading agile service provider in Switzerland", we want to grow as an enterprise and be the one stop for our clients with services in the areas of business innovation & transformation. To achieve this, we are looking for additional professionals and senior agile coaches.

During the development of the enterprise it is important for us to respect our values openness, boldness and team spirit. Our important tenor is to meet on a level playing field. To allow us to live these values, we expect all of our employees to think and act in a distinctly entrepreneurial fashion.

This is embodied in the variable, success-oriented remuneration for our seniors. It is paid out on a quarterly basis and based on a common enterprise goal. Once the target is met the team will distribute the variable reward through Merit Money.

Merit Money is a compensation scheme on the basis of "peer feedback" which follows the principles of a hierarchy independent assessment. Seniors evaluate each other according to what is seen as a remarkable achievement in the team and reward it with points. "Swarm intelligence" is put to use through this reciprocal assessment and all involved get valuable feedback to their individual contribution for achievement. The awarded points define the allocation key for variable remuneration.

Transparency is paramount at pragmatic solutions. We want to create a corporate culture with Merit Money, that aims for cooperation and mutual support. This allows us to learn together and grow as a company.

We initially won't apply a variable remuneration for our professionals, but we entitle all employees to their share of the company profits.

Besides our permanent employees we will rely, as in the past, on our established network of partners and freelance collaborators. Our network partners bear their own risks and thus enjoy a high level of self-management.
After the first year we will draw a conclusion as to whether the system suits us. We are looking forward to this exciting period and will report our experience.

If you share our values, our goal motivates you and you carry Agile in your heart like us send us a word.

We are looking for further colleagues that enjoy bringing in their knowledge with the client and want to shape the future together with us.

A happy holiday season and a successful 2016 wishes you.

Mischa & the pragmatic solutions Team

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