Success thanks to a healthy organisation

Success thanks to a healthy organisation

Every system needs stability – and a company is a system aiming for exactly this stability. It keeps the organisation balanced between the various strategic directions and market demands. For a long time, companies were able to maintain their top-down organisations on the market; many companies were very successful with this structure and contributed to a prosperous society.

Unpredictable markets and permanent change

In the current market environment, however, things are changing ever more quickly. New, young companies respond to customer requirements and improve customer experiences through their new business models.
The market these days is unpredictable, ambiguous and shaped by speed. Previously learned working methods no longer apply – new approaches are needed. The best conditions for success in today’s market are offered by ‘healthy organisations’.

The healthy organisation: based on

based on

Healthy organisations are less focused on defined processes and fixed structures. They use agile methods with adaptive structures, agile processes and a strategy that continually realigns itself to the market.

Working methods within teams are also different: dedicated employees, a shared, lived culture, and relationships on an equal footing lead to appreciation, a sense of meaning and shared values. Instead of hierarchical structures, managers encourage self-management in their employees and are on hand to provide the team with support. Anyone who is ready to rethink old structures in order to find the right balance will create the conditions required to stay in the market.

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