The first step is always the hardest – our agile coach gives you a flying start

The first step is always the hardest – our agile coach gives you a flying start

In agile companies, the Scrum Master takes on an important role. They communicate and keep track of the agile process and ensure that the rules are observed. A trained Scrum Master has a theoretical knowledge of their tasks, but the practical implementation can only be learnt through experience. When a new Scrum Master begins work, it can often be difficult for them to find their place within the team.

The new service from pragmatic solutions gmbh provides support and assistance in this situation.

Clear roles and smooth learning curves

Have you created a new Scrum Team and appointed a new Scrum Master for it? Or have you hired a new Scrum Master for your existing team? Our agile coach supports your Scrum Master during the first three to four months, giving them and your team the best start possible.

  • Is the team completely new? The agile coach helps your Scrum Master to define roles within the company, apply the Scrum methodology and develop the first measures for change. They accompany the Scrum Master in their meetings, having already advised them during the preparation stages, and then give them valuable feedback.
  • If you already have a team and it’s just the Scrum Master who is new, the agile coach helps them to find their place within the team and their new role. First, the coach observes the situation together with the Scrum Master, then the current processes are replicated and a method is created for the improvement of the Scrum Team.

This cooperation with the agile coach allows the Scrum Master to benefit from the agile coach’s experience as they find their feet. Together, they create a coaching backlog, which defines the most important points and gives the Scrum Master the tools they need to continue their work. This improves the learning curve and makes the Scrum Master feel confident that they can successfully carry out their tasks, right from the beginning.

Do you want to support your new Scrum Master? Get in touch with us and together we will determine if our new service is suitable for you.

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