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Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB / Swiss Federal Railways

pragmatic solutions supported SBB with the introduction of the Agile Transformation process in the whole organisation.

Project Description

Swiss Media Corporation

pragmatic solutions supported a multi media corporation to integrate agile management tool into their working processes during a big transformaiton process.

Project Description

Swiss Life

pragmatic solutions supported Swiss Life to implement a new Agile working method into their company.

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Delighted Customers

Jürg Vogelsang
Jürg Vogelsang

Project Manager, Consultant, Entrepreneur at vp-icube

"Over the course of my career, I've worked at a variety of companies with largely traditional management structures. Digitalisation is rendering the usual methods of adjusting to constantly changing conditions obsolete. I’ve noticed that organisations (and myself as well) often assume that agile strategies won't be a good fit for their challenges. pragmatic solutions gmbh’s Management 3.0 training was a eureka moment for me: in order to achieve effective, sustainable transformation, you have to change the context. This requires time and courage, but it’s incredibly rewarding to turn ‘It won't work because...’ into ‘It might work if...’. I value the way the pragmatic solutions training opened my eyes to new ideas and approaches."