20. June 2019

Managers need to be role models for change

At many companies, managers agree that their organisation needs to encourage greater levels of agility so that it can react quickly and flexibly to the requirements of the business. Agile transformation processes are complex – and managers need to step up to ensure that change can take root at every level of a company.
16. March 2018

Top-down is the opposite of agile

We understand the term ‘scaled agility’ to mean that every level of a company is operating in an agile manner. In operative areas, cross-functional teams self-organise […]
29. December 2017

Knowledge sharing – or what agile management has to do with Christmas

It’s almost Christmas – a celebration of love, gifts and sharing. Have you already found presents for all your friends and family? Or are you still caught up in the festive hustle and bustle? Material gifts may be nice to get, but what’s really unforgettable is the time you spend with family and friends, as well as the joyful atmosphere.
5. July 2017

How do we resolve conflicts as a self-organised team?

Our company has a competence hierarchy, rather than a power hierarchy: whoever has most expertise on a specific topic can decide the course of action, for which the relevant team members must be consulted. In self-organised teams, however, there is a second major challenge alongside decision-making: conflict resolution. First, resolve conflicts within yourself
5. May 2017

Decision making in an agile team – There is no right or wrong

In our last blog post, we examined decision making in an agile team. Here’s what we found: decisions have to be taken, even in agile teams. […]
28. April 2017

Decision-making in an agile team – Who decides?

As agile coaches, we feel it is especially important to live out agile values ourselves. Anyone who knows us knows that we are committed to the […]
15. March 2017

Change your conditions, not your people

A company’s culture is the product of its management system. Employees generally behave as the system dictates. Most companies use a traditional reward and punishment system […]
1. August 2016

Agile Money – an agile compensation model

At the 2016 PM camp in Zurich I presented our agile compensation model (aka Merit Money) in a session called Agile Money. There was significant interest […]
2. March 2016

Challenges in the change to Management 3.0

Peter Stampfli from CSS insurance Switzerland tells us in an interview with Louise Brace (read the full interview here) about challenges and useful tools when implementing […]

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