7. September 2015

How to find your product owner

The position of the product owner (PO) is crucial in product development.. The PO represents the product vision and is responsible for the management and prioritisation […]
18. May 2015

Stop Overreactionitis – Begin your cause study

We human beings are susceptible to the pervasive and rampant “illness”: “Overreactionitis”. At the first sign of problems like delays on a project, discrepancies in the […]
6. March 2015

Why trust carries further than control

We all know the proverb “Trust is good, control is better”. It is one of the most important management principles. The bigger the enterprise, the more […]
18. December 2014

Thoughts for the new year: Work smarter, not harder

Many enterprises believe in these “fairy tales”: The more tasks per day, week or month are completed, the higher the productivity. They therefore try to fill […]
15. August 2014

Yay! Learnt something again!

Enterprises are regularly absorbed by makeshift excercises and desperately try to make as few mistakes as possible. Jurgen Appelo, the creator of the Management 3.0 trainings […]
19. December 2013

New Year’s resolution: Pull is better than push

A CEO was full of vigour to introduce Scrum into his organisation after a presentation of pragmatic solutions in September. His CTO, on the other hand, […]

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