From Scrum to Agile Management

Business Transformation is about the path an enterprise takes when it expands agile working methods from a few teams to the whole business through a change-project. Further on we will describe the purpose and content of the most important service packages in a Business transformation.
Business Transformation
Business Transformation projects for entire companies with a few hundred employees will, in our experience, take more than 6 months. Each work module is additionally overseen by the appropriate agile specialist.

Our Offerings for Business Transformation

Agile Organisation Assessment

To know where we stand through agile assessment. An enterprise is becoming more agile in all business sectors wants to...

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Positive Attitude

Lay the foundations through a positive attitude. "All managerial decisions and actions rest on assumptions about human behaviour and human...

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Agile Management

Get to the source with an Agile Management Model. In an agile management model – as opposed to Command &...

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Agile Product & Project Portfolio Management

Agile teams stay more productive if their capacity for the implementation of the requirements...

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Agile Product Development and Project Management

Scrum is an agile framework that is so simple that its process could be...

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Agile Engineering Practices

To be agile and to facilitate fast and frequent feedbacks one needs to improve the manner in which to develop software.

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