Certified LeSS Practitioner

What you learn

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is a framework for scaling agile development to multiple teams. The Certified LeSS Practitioner course is an in-depth course covering the LeSS principles, framework and rules, and guides. It provides essential information for adopting and improving LeSS to your product development group. The course contains an overview of LeSS, stories on LeSS adoptions, exercises and extensive LeSS Q&A to ensure we discuss the topics most of interest to the participants. All students completing this course will become a Certified LeSS Practitioner.

Particularly suitable for

  • Anyone who is involved in a LeSS effort
  • Anyone who wants to grow Agile beyond the team.


Basic Scrum knowledge is expected and can be achieved by attending a Certified ScrumMaster, or thoroughly reading Scrum introduction material such as the Scrum Primer and practicing Scrum.


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