Lean Innovation Training

THE training IS AIMED AT

  • Innovation managers, product managers, programme managers.
  • Team leaders, development managers.
  • Decision-makers.
  • Business angels, investors, venture capitalists and managers of start-up funds.
  • Decision-makers at technology parks and incubators, consultants, coaches and start-ups.


Our training training teaches you how to launch your new products and innovations on the market successfully in half the time and at half the cost. Instead of immediately starting to make the end product, we will show you how you can use ongoing experiments to work out whether a problem even exists that is worth developing a product for. You will then apply this knowledge immediately by discussing your own innovation project with the team and further developing it over the two-day training.
During this process, you will benefit from our partnership with Ash Maurya from Lean Stack.Thanks to Ash, we have direct access to the latest findings from the USA at all times.

Day 1

  • Brief introduction to lean management: you will learn why a business plan is no longer a cutting-edge strategy and gain an overview of the Lean Innovation framework: 1. Lean Canvas, 2. Build­measure­learn feedback loop, 3. Customer development.
  • Each participant presents the innovation project that they would like to develop further over the next two days. From this pool of projects, the participants then select three to four projects to work on.
  • The coaches present each of the nine fields on the Lean Canvas. The participants directly put their acquired knowledge to use in their project and formulate their own assumptions for each field. The teams then present their results to one other. At the end of the first day, the participants will have developed their project according to the framework of the Lean Canvas and will therefore have a finished business model.
  • The participants provide feedback, so that the coaches can adapt the programme for the following day and make adjustments where required.

Day 2

  • Discussion of the feedback with the participants and presentation of the measures.
    Summary of the most important teaching content from Day 1.
  • Presentation of the build­measure­learn feedback loop, which the participants can use to validate the assumptions in each field of the Lean Canvas by means of experiments.
  • The participants prepare simple experiments with which they are able to quickly validate their assumptions.
  • The coaches present the concept of ‘Minimal Viable Product’ (MVP) using various examples. This teaches the participants how to validate innovations before having a finished product to work with.
  • For innovation accounting, the coaches show the participants how to choose the best metrics for a project, how to set objectives, how to document experiments using reports, and how to measure and report on the progress of the project using an innovation dashboard even if a product is not yet generating any revenue.
  • At the end, the participants summarise the most important training content.


The Lean Innovation principle is based on tried and tested methods and tools developed by start-up pioneers Steve Blank, Alex Osterwalder, Eric Ries and Ash Maurya.
The Lean Canvas designed by Ash Maurya eliminates the need for a detailed business plan and enables you to present your business model dynamically on a single page. With the build­measure­learn feedback loop of Eric Ries, you can use experiments to validate these assumptions. You repeat these validations until you are certain that your product solves a real problem in the market and that there are enough customers who will pay for it. Only then do you invest more funds into scaling.


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Our trainings are conducted in German or English (depending on the participants, registration is currently possible only in German. Please switch to German to register.