Swiss Life

pragmatic solutions has been supporting Swiss Life to implement the "Lean Innovation Framework" as a work method in an innovation team. The innovation team was able to create many innovative product ideas in a short time thanks to this method. pragmatic solutions has given the Swiss Life team a tool with the "Lean Innovation Framework" to effectively evaluate the potential of product and service ideas. The tool furthermore increases the chance of success of the best ideas, since a lot of inputs and feedbacks from potential customers are available at an early stage and can be applied for improvements.

"We have been working with pragmatic solutions for quite some time now. pragmatic solutions has introduced us to the field of agile development with Scrum and has given us an understanding of the Lean Innovation method. Together with pragmatic solutions we have been able to work out joint solutions that fit to our enterprise and are accepted by our employees. I also very much appreciated pragmatic solution's flexibility: We were always able to freely decide when and for what we needed support."

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