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The first step is always the hardest – our agile coach gives you a flying start

In agile companies, the Scrum Master takes on an important role. They communicate and keep track of the agile process and ensure that the rules are observed. A trained Scrum Master has a theoretical knowledge of their tasks, but the practical implementation can only be learnt through experience. When a new Scrum Master begins work,...

07 Nov 2018 by Gorden Fehlhaber

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Don’t let anyone steal your business!

In June, Mischa and I will be talking about agile change management at the 5th International Coaching Congress in Olten, which runs from 12 to 13 June 2018 and is themed around ‘Organisation, Digitalisation and Design’. This is a very exciting and extremely relevant topic!Increasing digitalisation requires fundamental changes to organisations. Agile working methods...

15 Mar 2018 by Moreno Della Picca

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Lived cultural change – the heart of agile transformation

Our experience shows that agile methods are the best way to future-proof your business. The bigger and more traditional a company is, the more difficult it appears to be to make the jump to an agile way of working. Our collaboration with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has once again proved that it’s possible.Why agile? Traditional...

23 Nov 2016 by Mischa Ramseyer

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