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Shift up a gear – exclusive Shiftup Innovation workshop!

Do small startups require different strategies to long-established companies? How can companies define strategies while remaining flexible?In his latest book Startup, Scaleup, Screwup, Jurgen Appelo details the success stories of well-known European companies such as Spotify, Zalando and Booking. With a mix of inspiring stories and concrete tools, he describes where innovative ideas come...

02 Apr 2019 by Norbert Zeller

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How to measure innovations using the right metrics

In his latest book Scaling Lean, innovation expert Ash Maurya explains why we should abandon traditional metrics in favour of ones that are more suitable for product development.Product managers often have difficulty measuring their progress correctly. From the book Lean Startup, we have already become acquainted with the concept of validated learning, which allows progress to...

27 Jun 2016 by Fredi Schmidli

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