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Shift up a gear – exclusive Shiftup Innovation workshop!

Do small startups require different strategies to long-established companies? How can companies define strategies while remaining flexible?In his latest book Startup, Scaleup, Screwup, Jurgen Appelo details the success stories of well-known European companies such as Spotify, Zalando and Booking. With a mix of inspiring stories and concrete tools, he describes where innovative ideas come...

02 Apr 2019 by Norbert Zeller

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Handing over responsibility is not easy

The benefits of an agile organisation are clear: increased flexibility and the ability to respond more rapidly make it easier for agile companies to adapt to constantly changing market situations. In a previous blog post, we discussed how leaders can act as role models – based on our experience, the importance of such role...

27 Jul 2018 by Fredi Schmidli

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Top-down is the opposite of agile

We understand the term ‘scaled agility’ to mean that every level of a company is operating in an agile manner. In operative areas, cross-functional teams self-organise their work on products. These collaborations are coordinated at the tactical level, and the company management prioritises the key projects at the strategic level.Management: role models for the companyOur...

16 Mar 2018 by Fredi Schmidli

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New Year’s resolution: Pull is better than push

A CEO was full of vigour to introduce Scrum into his organisation after a presentation of pragmatic solutions in September. His CTO, on the other hand, was not convinced with Scrum and was reluctant. Thus, he only introduced Scrum into his marketing, sales and admin teams. After closely monitoring the implementation of Scrum over the...

19 Dec 2013 by Fredi Schmidli

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Provide your team with the key advantage

Talent wins the game, but teamwork and intelligence win the tournaments." This quote from Michael Jordan is not only regarded as crucial in sports, but also in teamwork and day to day business. This is why decision makers agonise over how they can improve teamwork and thus cooperation of the team continuously despite character differences.This...

20 Aug 2013 by Mischa Ramseyer

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